7 Best Places to Retire in Arkansas

Arkansas, the Natural State. Most people who don't live there would probably best associate the 25th entrant into the Union with one William Jefferson Clinton, our 42nd President. Or maybe Walmart. Did you realize, though, that it's also the birthplace of such people as Johnny Cash and majestic fixtures of the American landscape as the Ozarks?  Well, it is, and it also contains within its 53,000-odd square miles some truly great places to live. Insidermonkey experts made a list of 7 best places to retire in Arkansas.

We've been busy determining just which places are the absolute best within each state, and, as you've no doubt guessed, our quest brings us today to Arkansas. We put this most natural of states under our Saturday Night Science microscope and dissected the data on its largest locales to produce this ranking, atop which sits the city of Bentonville. You can also check our list of 7 best places to retire in Arizona.

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