7 Best Places to Retire in Arizona

There are three things that probably come to mind when out-of-stater think of Arizona: the Grand Canyon, the Wild West, and the summer heat. There’s so much more to the state than that, however, especially when it comes to offering retirees a great place to live. Insidermonkey experts has found the 7 best places to retire in Arizona for casting off the oppression of working life and enjoying yourself, led by Tucson.

Of all the best places to retire in the US, Arizona is a great pick. The population was just over 6.8 million people in 2016. There are expensive places to retire in the Grand Canyon State as well as inexpensive ones. The scenery is world class and there are many national and state parks to visit. Outdoor recreation is exceptional. If you have been looking for the best Arizona retirement communities our article might help. You can also read our article on the 6 best places to retire in Alaska.

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