7 Best Places to Retire in Alabama

When most people think of calling it quits on a career, they immediately think of a move to Florida. But not everyone wants to spend their golden years in Florida; some of us want to stay close to friends and family and within the great state of Alabama. But where exactly in Alabama? Well, there’s only one place to go for the answer Insidermonkey. To that end, we have tried to identify the places in Alabama that are safe, affordable, and have plenty of things to keep you busy well into retirement. What did we find after pouring through all the data? Let’s just say we hope folks in Florence don’t mind us spreading the word. Here are the list of 7 best places to retire in Alabama.

Choosing where to retire is an important life decision. The right decision can lead to many years of happiness, whereas the wrong decision could end up being very costly. There are many great cities in Alabama to retire in. Alabama is also home to several 55+ communities. With breathtaking scenery, a variety of recreational activities and affordable housing, it’s not surprising so many people are choosing to retire in Alabama. You can also check out our list of 7 best places to retire in Arkansas if you want.

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