11 Biggest French Companies

France is one of the major economies of the world, being the sixth largest by GDP and ninth largest by PPP. Post the Eurozone crisis the French economy waned, and rating agencies like Fitch and S&P have recently downgraded France to AA rating due to its rising debts. Nevertheless, President Francois Hollande is taking curative measures and the situation is improving. Here the 11 biggest French companies which have been ranked by Insidermonkey experts taking into account both the revenues and market capitalization.

Every year, Forbes publicizes the Global 2000 biggest and most successful publicly traded companies in the world. They assemble their Global 2000 listing by examining and assessing Interactive Data, Thomson Reuters Fundamentals, and World scope databases via FactSet Research Systems for publicly traded companies. We are using the same databases as the most important sources of data, and there are four metrics that are decisive in our evaluation: sales, profits, assets and market value. You can also take a look into the list of 30 biggest European companies by market value.

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