10 Biggest Flea Markets in The US

Flea markets across the US have seen a a surge of interest in the past few years. Some credit goes to the popularity of TV reality shows like American Pickers, Oddities, or Market Warriors. However, this phenomenon has deeper roots: the country’s weaken economy along with the booming development of second-hand shops, has created a new generation of shoppers who appreciate both the reasonable prices and the fun of the flea market experience. And the best of all is that flea markets often overflow with unsought treasures! Insidermonkey experts made a list of the biggest flea markets in the US.

Flea markets and antiques fairs in the US all have something in common: no matter whether they are brand new or a hundred years old, host hundreds of vendors or only a few dozens of them, sprawl mountains of junk or carefully organized exhibitions, they offer a chance to get immersed in a local community and to be an archaeologist of the present. Above all, braving the crowds at America’s liveliest flea markets always provides a great occasion to have fun, watch people, and learn something new! From one-of-a-kind vintage clothing to rare antiques and quirky collectibles, America’s swap meets are full of treasures just waiting to be found. Enjoy the reading, and do no miss the chance to have a look at our list of the most expensive items found on Antiques Roadshow.

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