10 Countries that Export The Most Beer in The World

The USA produces a truly titanic volume of suds each year in fact, according to Kirin Brewing Company's global beer production report, American brewers turned out nearly 6 billion gallons of beer in 2013. That's billion, with a B. And beer, also with a B. Before you celebrate American beer exceptionalism by shotgunning a brew, though, you should know we're not actually no. 1 in the beer-brewing world; that title goes to China, which out-produced America by more than 6 billion gallons of suds. If you need context, that's more than twice the output of the U.S., and quadruple of Germany, the land effectively founded on beer and sausage. Check out the list of countries that export the most beer in the world made by Insidermonkey experts.

In 2015, the world’s ten largest beer exporting countries pumped out 75% of the $13.4 billion worth of beer exported around the world (roughly $10 billion). We took a close look at these ten countries, and each of their ten thirstiest customers. And when we say thirsty, we mean thirsty. The top ten export markets for these countries collectively imported 85% of the beer that they offered to the entire world. That adds up to $8.5 billion — a whole lot of beer. Of course, be sure to check our other beer related lists like one about countries that make the best beer in the world.

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