11 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners

Nurses have an abundance of variety in their working conditions these days, from choosing the kind of medical facility they want to work in to deciding what specialty they want to pursue. There are even more options for nurses who decide to further their education, like nurse practitioners. Nurse practitioners (NPs) are indeed nurses, but they have more job responsibilities than a registered nurse, so it makes sense that their salaries and job requirements would differ. They also usually hold an advanced degree, whether it’s a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) or a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP). According to AANP, 95.1% of Nurse Practitioners have graduate degrees and an outstanding 86.5% maintain their national certification. Here is the list of highest paying cities for nurse practitioners made by Insidermonkey experts.

Every nurse practitioner brings different needs and dreams to the table; what's best for one job seeker won't work at all for another. In theory, though, nurse practitioners have some needs in common: a desire to heal and help people, an enthusiasm for solving problems and stimulating the mind, at least a bit of ambition--there's usually some adventure-lust in there, and of course a lot of people appreciate job security. You can also check the list of highest paying states for nurses in America.

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