10 Best Places to Retire in Australia

From Geraldton to Merimbula, there’s so many amazing places to retire to in Australia, so where do you choose? Here’s the best places to retire in Australia. When it comes to choosing where to retire, it’s good to give the decision some careful thought. Who likes packing up the belongings and moving house several times? Not many people. However, it can be a difficult decision because Australia is a beautiful country, so you’re spoiled for choice! For many over-60s, the decision will come down to a few important factors, such as where your children and grandchildren live, what amenities are available, good transport connections and affordable housing. Good all-year round sunshine doesn’t hurt either. For this reason, Queensland has always proven a popular choice, with places like the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, however, there are great places to choose all over this great southern land.

Before making your final decision, however, do your research. It can be a costly and not to mention annoying for anyone who had to move again, and again. With so many amazing places to choose from in Australia, we take a look at some of the most popular places to retire. However, we do recognize that not everyone wants to move far from the United States. If you’re one of them then we suggest that you take a look at the best places to retire in Canada.

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