11 Most Expensive Hospital Treatments in America

It is no secret that healthcare in America is expensive. Healthcare in the United States can cost up to ten times more than healthcare in most other developed nations. A regular check up with the doctor or a CT scan will cost an American over five times more than their Canadian counterpart. Depending on the insurance plan one has, the cost of these basic procedures may come in part, or entirely, out of the patient’s own pocket. Unlike in Canada and other developed nations where healthcare is universal, controlled and regulated by the government and paid for through taxes, the American healthcare system is a for profit system brokered by insurance companies. When 20 cents on every dollar spent on health in America is spent not on care, but marketing, advertising and profit, medical procedures become expensive. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts about the most expensive hospital treatments in America.

While the American healthcare system is one of the best, most comprehensive and innovative systems in the world, for the over 41 million Americans still without health insurance, (despite President Obama’s best efforts), medical procedures are often paid for out of pocket and contribute to crippling financial debt. Even for insured Americans with a high-deductible insurance plan, there is also some cost that comes out of the patients’ pockets. Keeping in mind that every year two out of every thousand Americans accumulates roughly $100,000 in medical bills, these are the costliest procedures that help contribute to that debt. Despite the high prices charged, the United States does not even feature in the list of countries with the best hospitals.

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