7 Countries That Make the Best Olive Oil in the World

Sure, there are a lot of great olive oils produced in Spain, Italy and Greece, but award-winning best olive oil were from no less than 7 countries in this year. And to know about these countries, you have to check out this article of Insidermonkey featuring 7 countries that make the best olive oil in the world.

With Italy the largest importer/exporter and Spain the largest producer, the Mediterranean basin is considered to be the hub of olive oil production and related business. With the growing awareness, advance research and increased concerns for health hazards, the demand of for this healthy oil is rising. Apart from the traditionally popular Mediterranean basin, the cultivation of the olive tree is spreading to other countries like the India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Asian, African and Middle Eastern countries and even the United States. They are just like the 7 countries that make the best wine in the world.

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