6 Easiest Coin Magic Tricks Ever For Kids

Coin tricks are the place to start for any budding magician. If you want to teach your kids some magic, coin magic should be the first one! Now if you really want to teach your kids, you should check out these 6 Easiest Coin Magic Tricks Ever for Kids compiled by the experts of Insidermonkey!

These coin tricks are easy to learn and perform. Some do require props that are easy to make from common materials found around the house. Most coin magic is associated with sleight of hand and difficult moves. But these tricks were especially selected for kids. They are all easy to learn and perform, as well as simple to understand. They also create immediate results for kids so they don't get frustrated. But it's worth the try. After all, magic can be stupefying, confusing and just plain amazing if pulled off with enough skill and practice. In Abracadabra The 10 Best Magicians In the World, find out all about the professional magicians.

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