11 Widest Waterfalls in the World

Anyone who’s seen a waterfall up close will agree that their majesty is almost indescribable. If even a small fall can inspire these feelings, imagine what it’s like to look at the world’s widest waterfall. Want to know what it'd feel? All you have to do is check out where these 11 widest waterfalls in the world are, and then go there!

When it comes to the size, picking the widest waterfall is a little trickier because there is no universal standard for designating a waterfall, according to the World Waterfalls Database. Some waterfalls consist of a single, sheer drop, others include a more gentle cascade over rapids and still others involve a combination of the two. But nonetheless, waterfalls make up some of the most visited and best known natural tourist attractions around the world. Stunningly beautiful, it’s little wonder that people travel from far and wide to enjoy the breathtaking natural attractions that are world renowned for their magnificence and vastness, just like these 11 Largest Desserts in the World.

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