11 Countries with Highest Male Population

Men now outnumber women on the planet by 60 million, the highest ever recorded. Preference for sons in India and China is driving the trend, but those two countries are not the only ones struggling with an imbalanced population. There are other countries as well. And in case you want to know about them, check out the article experts of Insidermonkey compiled on the 11 countries with the highest male population.

The difference between the number of males and females is called gender imbalance. The gender imbalance will come as a result of war casualties, deliberate gender control and gender- killing. There are several dangers of such high ratio of men to a country as there is the possibility that girls going there to worker as maids from developing countries may actually be going there to take care of these men, and that is human traffic and abduction of young girls in name of working as domestic worker. This has led to the list being dominated by countries from Asia, where women still don’t have equal rights and thus, have led to a population where having a male baby is still preferred over a female one. Some countries featured in the 11 countries with the highest Shia population.

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