12 Best Selling Soft Drinks in the World

Summer has come and soft drinks are our way to get refreshed. These not only give our minds a relaxing feel but also make us energetic to get back to work. There are a lot of soft drinks you can have, some of them are energy drinks while the other are ordinary ones. But still a lot of soft drink brands are being sold in the world successfully. Anyway, for those who's interested in knowing the best of them, there is an article on the Insidermonkey covering 12 best selling soft drinks in the world. Check it out, and see how many of them you have tried.

Do you know that the first soft drink or carbonated beverage was marketed in the 17th century? It was made with water and lemon juice sweetened with honey until English chemist Joseph Priestly developed carbonated water in the 18th century. From then on, the production of soft drinks became a big industry. Since the late 1800’s, soft drink giants The Coca Cola Company and PepsiCo have always been head to head for the top spot. It was only in 2005 when Pepsi surpassed The Coca Cola Company in market value. So, what are the best selling soft drinks in the world? Read the article of Insidermonkey and find out! But you should know, Some of these drinks in the list are extremely sugary and if you want avoid those, check out our post on the 17 most sugary drinks in the world as well.

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