10 Countries That Export The Most Salt in the World

Salt is an essential mineral for humans and animals it is basically a mineral substance composed of a chemical compound sodium chloride NaCl which shows that salt has equal quantity of sodium and chlorine. It has very old history it is believed that Romanian and Chinese people boiled spring water to extract salts from it around 8000 years ago from then salt has become most important part of our foods and some drinks like lemonade. But ever wondered, which countries export the most salt? If you did, you can find your answer on the Insidermonkey. They have published an amazing article featuring 10 countries that export the most salt in the world. Read it out, when you have time.

alt is one of the most important gifts of God on this planet not only for human beings but also beneficial for animals and plants.  It is a major mineral needed for human body In the natural form crystalline mineral is known as the Rock salt and also known as halite. As Salt is found at various places, we couldn’t say it is extracted from salt mines only but the sea is also a major source. various seas and oceans contains large percentage and quantity of salt and it is the major mineral constituent in Sea. according to an estimate, about 35 grams of salts are found in 1 litter of sea water. All types of foods are tasteless without its presence no matter how may spices are put in. No doubt saltines is one of the basic and major human tastes. Along with salt, sugar also plays an important role in the global trade of agricultural commodity with more than $26.5 billion as exports. To comprehend it better, you can have a look at our article on 10 Countries that export the most sugar in the world as well.

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