21 Cities with the Best Climate in the World Year Round

Splintering gale force winds, stabbing cold, blistering heat, blinding fog, pitiless rain, the sky can foul our lives in endless ways to all degrees, from the mild sting of an icy breeze on our ears to the lethal crush of a hurricane's storm surge. But what of those places on the polar opposite of the atmosphere's very worst, where the sky consistently bathes the land and its inhabitants with bliss, year round? Can we identify the very best weather places in the world? Surely we can, and if you want to know about those places, check out the article of Insidermonkey featuring the cities with the best climate in the world year around.

A forgiving climate works wonders for your health and complexion. But what’s too hot or cold for one person can be just right for another. In looking for the countries with the best climate, experts of Insidermonkey assessed not only the hard data, temperatures, rainfall and humidity, but they also assessed the comfort level of each destination’s climate by talking to as many expats as they could find. And moreover, they made a list of 11 countries with the best climate in the world as well, if city-wise information is not enough for you.

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