9 Smartphones with Expandable Memory: 2015 Models

Times are changing, tides are shifting, trends are passing and drifting and priorities are rearranging. The thing is the way device manufacturers set their priorities straight doesn’t always align with the wishes of the overwhelming majority of mobile consumers. Needless to stress why some find expandable memory support greatly convenient, but for those who do, experts of Insidermonkey compiled a list of smartphones with expandable memory: 2015 models.

If you own an iPhone, you're already used to not having the ability to pop a memory card inside your handset. Hey, that's perfectly fine! But when it comes to Android and other platforms, most customers expect high-end smartphones to have memory card slots. Even so, lately we've seen quite a few flagships that don't offer expandable memory.  And for some of us, its not a good thing. But if expandable memory doesn't pick your interest, you might find one of these 8 smartphones with the highest internal memory better suited for you.

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