10 Easiest Dorm Foods to Make

When the gross food in the dining hall seems to get you down, there are tons of easy dorm room recipes to keep you going all day and leave you satisfied. You might think you are limited to ramen and easy-mac, but there are tons of ways to make wonderful meals with only a few ingredients. So, lets pass on the dining hall meal and check out these 10 easiest dorm foods to make. This list of the Insidermonkey surely will change your dorm life.

Although some colleges have stepped up their game in recent years, with many more offering vegan, gluten-free, and other diet-specific foods, it's not necessarily the cafeterias that do you in and what you snack on back at the dorm matters too. That's why experts of Insidermonkey compiled this article to help you ace nutrition and give your body what it needs not only to perform in class but also to enjoy all the fun stuff. When the dining hall just won't do, make one of these recipes instead of reaching for ramen.

If you have read this far, you must be a college student. In case you are one, don’t forget to bookmark this list along with the article on The 20 Most Useful Websites for College Students as well, to help prep you for student life!

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