11 Busiest Highways in America

Of course, things will be busier in some places than others. Opting for back roads instead of beach roads is probably a good idea, as is avoiding the ten most-congested highways in the America, which are hellish on the best of days. Fellow Americans, interested to know which one you should avoid? You should check out an article of Insidermonkey on the 11 busiest highways in America.

The names and numbers strike fear into the hearts of commuters and travelers across the United States. The Dan Ryan Expressway. I-95. The 405. The Connector. For all the benefits the U.S. Interstate Highway System has brought since its inception in 1956, it’s also created traffic congestion the system’s original designers could never have imagined. And it may get worse. Traffic officials warn the 47,182-mile system is showing signs of severe stress. Tens of billions of dollars are needed just to maintain existing interstates and bridges, and countless more billions are needed to widen and/or improve existing interstates to keep up with growing traffic. After all, they are the most busy highways in America.

Surely, there is nothing worse than a traffic jam. However, it is a bit better if you are in one of 11 countries with the best roads in the world.

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