6 Most Eco-Friendly Smartphones

Whilst there is no firm evidence for a direct link between mobile phone use and health risks, experts tend to suggest we should remain cautious, and the networks and handsets that are the most environmentally friendly. To help with that, there is an article of Insidermonkey on the 6 most green smartphones for Eco – friendly consumers. In case you want to avoid health risks, you should go for one of these Eco friendly phones.

So, what is a green phone? They basically are manufactured to be environmentally friendly through the use of green practices in production and materials that are environmentally preferable. These Eco-friendly phones generally use less energy and recharge efficiently, are not made from toxic materials, have low radiation emission rates, and were made through environment-conscious methods. This way, people can more effectively recycle them and if they are thrown out, they won't cause as much pollution.

Also, since I am talking about phones, before deciding which one to buy, you should check out another list of the 7 most and least secure cell phones in the world as well!

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