The Richest Bands of all Time

Although most of the bands in this list are no longer in existence, their music still lives on the hearts and minds of their fans due to syndication and the popularity the bands enjoyed during their time. Regardless of your taste in music, these bands qualify to be the greatest bands of all times based on album sales and sold out tour dates. And to know about them, all you have to do is, click on the link and visit the Insidermonkey. You can read all about the richest bands of all time from there!

Most of you already know that the music industry is a multi billion dollar business. It’s one of the largest economic industry but of the world. It brings in big bucks, a fact some of the richest bands in the world are all too familiar with. While some of the bands on this list have long since faded into the history books the most telling thing about the sheer power and influence of the bands here is that they still, despite the noticeable handicap of not being around anymore, remain at the top. Whether through syndication rights, royalties or world tours the wealth for these artists rolls on, as unstoppable as their music ever was, unlike the top 10 one hit wonders of all-time.

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