Most Expensive Concert Stages

Music, the earliest and the most common passion present in the human beings. Since the start of humankind, music has been an important part of their lives and it continues to be so till the date. Music has proven to be a stress reliever, a motivator, mood changer and a perfect form of relaxation. People spend a lot of money to go to concerts and hear their favorite musician sing or play for them. And in return, the musicians spend a lot of money too. Just check out these most expensive concert stages, and see how much they spent only on the stage.

No wonder, big bands hire only the best designers to build their stages and only go for brand new concepts, taking their equipment on the road with them when touring in order to set up the same identical concert stage wherever and whenever they play. Many artists go all out when it comes to their stage because it is a direct representation of who they as an artist and what they are trying to portray with that specific concert. And surely, not only the stage they spend money on. In case you are curious about other expenses as well, check out another article of Insidermonkey on the top 10 most expensive concert tours in 2013!

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