Most Corrupt Countries of 2013

Of course, corruption comes in a variety of forms, so getting a precise gauge is difficult. But perception itself is a very strong tool, and can have a big effect on its own. If the study reveals anything, it’s that the world overall has a huge issue in terms of corrupt officials. By looking at the Corruptions Perception Index, along with the existing power structures and economic systems within each country, the picture does become a bit clearer. To be honest, corruption is prevalent in almost every country in the world– but some are more corrupt than others. So, lets check out the most corrupt countries 2013 list.

More than half of the world's population believes corruption in the public sector is a very serious problem. Liberia and Mongolia are the two most corrupt countries in the world, according to a recent study. In both countries, 86% of residents believe corruption in the public sector is a very serious problem. Residents in the vast majority of countries around the world believe corruption has only gotten worse in the past two years. And moreover, if you’re still interested in further reading on the subject with a different take, we also suggest you check out our feature story on the The 8 Most Corrupt Countries In the World, which Insidermonkey published in 2013.

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