Most Expensive Nursing Homes

The braised salmon was just delivered poolside with your favorite bottle of Bordeaux. Next stop: a trip to the spa, or maybe an art class, while your husband gets in 18 holes on the professionally designed golf course. It's not a resort. It's home for a growing contingent of well-heeled retirees who may need help with housekeeping chores or personal care, but they aren't willing to sacrifice their taste for luxury to get it. So, if you are planning to have a lifestyle like this, experts of Insidermonkey are here to help you with the information about the most expensive nursing homes in the US.

Now, retirees can also look forward to richer and more fulfilling golden years in the company of like-minded individuals. Rather than watching TV in a common room or playing bingo twice a week, retirees can instead look forward to private homes in gated communities, daily rounds of golf, dinner parties, health spas and boat excursions, to name a few, all surrounded by opulent and luxurious environments. Of course, before being permitted entry into such communes, prospective members will have to meet the financial requirements and be subjected to a battery of medical tests. This trend has even attracted the attention of property developers and hospitality providers, resulting in the recent explosion in luxury nursing homes.

However, in case you are not the retired one and looking for a job to serve these rich people, specially as a nurse. Another article of Insidermonkey on the 10 cities with high demand for nurses might be able to help you. Don't forget it check it out!

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