Most Expensive Rum Brands in the World

When most people think of expensive spirits, they most likely think of Cognac or Scotch. While both have their share of high-priced offerings, my favorite spirit "rum" is not without representation on the top shelf when it comes to high prices. Here are the most expensive rum brands in the world, that surely require the biggest hit in one’s pocket book.

As you may have noticed, we are talking about the most expensive rums in the world. Rums that are manufacture from sweet sugarcane which were made famous in the Caribbean during an era where pirates were still famous. Nowadays, an average bottle of rum is priced at $6 or more. But, these bottles presented today in our top are somehow special. Their prices can go between $260 to thousands. Let’s take a look and find out how much a bottle of the most expensive rum is. If you’re one of the lucky ones that can afford the more expensive rums, no doubt some of these are worth a try.

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