Most Expensive Alcohol Brands In The World

To the eternal displeasure of sober souls everywhere, alcohol is one drug that is deeply ingrained in our collective culture. Not just here in the western world either; evidence of the consumption of alcoholic beverages can be found among neolithic hunter-gatherer remains, meaning their consumption and production may very well pre date other inventions like writing and the wheel. You shouldn't be addicted to alcohol, but there's no harm if you know about the best of them. So, lets visit the Insidermonkey and read about the most expensive alcohol brands in the world.

Human beings discovered the joy of drinking alcoholic drinks in around 10,000 BC. Over the centuries and decades, they have improved on the alcoholic beverages, until they themselves developed more refined tastes. They also invented varied techniques of making them, for a variety of tastes, color, flavor, smell, alcohol content, etc. naturally, it is because of the technique, time, procedure, etc. that make them costlier. Sometimes, the brand name also adds to the cost of the drink. Let us take a look at the list Insidermonkey compiled about the Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks.

And moreover, since we were talking about alcohol, I thought it would be fun to know about these 10 drunkest countries in the world.

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