Largest Pharmaceutical Companies In the World

The ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world account for more than a third of the industry's total market share according to the World Health Organisation. Here experts of Insidermonkey look at which the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world are and some of their leading products and therapies. If you are interested in such topic, just click on the link to read the detailed article from Insidermonkey.

The pharmaceutical industry has been rocked in recent years by a confluence of patent expiration of blockbuster drugs, increasing competition from generics and new governmental and industry efforts to control costs the world over.

Revenue and R&D spend are parameters that are complementary in assessing a company’s position over the long run. While some would argue that Profit would be a more suitable parameter, revenue in this case would be an ideal parameter in the evaluation of the top pharma companies. In the pharmaceutical industry developing a drug takes several years and the new drug would not be an immediate source of income. However one might see it as the only way to ensure a company is sustainable in the long run.

Top pharmaceutical companies, like Novartis or Johnson & Johnson have developed some of the most popular health products and medicines in the world. Among The 10 Best Selling Pharmaceutical Drugs in History, drugs such as Risperdal, Seretid, Seroquel or Zyprexa have been developed by some of these major pharmaceutical companies. So are you curious about how much a pharmaceutical company can make within a year? If you are, you know what to do!

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