10 Most Expensive Android Apps

Android is now one of the most famous operating platforms for all smart phones, competed only by Apple’s iOS. People are attracted towards Android not only because of its functionality, yet even because most of the Android apps are so cheaper than that of their Apple similitude, and in most events they are cost free. However, some app developers have line up with artful, and plausibly useful, apps holding a price tag that might cause the mean consumer squint. Among all, these are the most expensive Android apps right now. To know details about them, just click on the link to read the whole article from Insidermonkey!

In most cases, people look for the best deals on Android apps and games. Free stuff is always intensely popular and Freemium titles have taken off because of their inherent ability to draw people in with their initially free price tag. However, there are some developers who have no compunction about charging a bucket of money for some apps and games. In this round up, experts of Insidermonkey checked out the most expensive Android apps and games. It’s important to note that these kinds of apps get taken down frequently so there may be an app here that will be taken down over time and this list can slightly be varied.

However, no matter how much these greedy developers want, the maximum price that can be charged for an app on the Google Play Store is $200, so although it is a lot to spend on an app (especially a useless one), it is only about a fifth of what you could spend on an app if you had an Apple device, where the maximum is $1,000. So, if you really are interested in knowing about expensive apps, you should check out our countdown on The 11 Best Android Apps You Can’t Get on iOS instead!

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