6 Cheapest Places to Live in South America

South and Central America are sometimes forgotten by residents of the rest of the world, but savvy travelers continue to flock to this region for a great variety of reasons. In addition to the cultural and scenic highlights, the entire area is quite cheap by international standards, at least once you are here. Backpacking in South America can be very inexpensive and mid-range travel can be surprisingly affordable as well. And if you are planning to live, its a good choice as well. Just visit the Insidermonkey and read more about these cheapest places to live in South America!

Specially for Americans and Canadians, Latin America is the easiest region. You don’t have to deal with jet lag, you can usually find flights for a price that won’t kill you to go back and forth, and if you’re trying to run a business you don’t have to radically alter your schedule to attend conference calls or get in touch with those wanting to hire you for a project. The countries here are used to dealing with foreigners and have fairly straightforward residency application paths. They all give you at least 90 days as a tourist also, which makes it pretty easy to do a temporary move or a trial run. So, if you are looking for a cheap place to live in south america, you should really consider these places.

However, if money is not a problem to you and are not really looking for cheap places, you might find our list on Top 15 Most Expensive Countries in the World interesting!

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