The 10 Most Expensive Dresses Ever Created

It is not unusual for us to hear about really expensive things, every now and then. In fact, it is quite common, we hear about a million dollar yacht, or an apartment building, or even a lavish private jet that costs loads of money. However, how would you react if you are told that there are dresses that costs multi million dollars? Yes, just for one dress only, we are not discussing a queen’s entire wardrobe. I will not blame you if you find it utterly impossible, but these dresses do exist.  To know all about them, just check out this article of Insidermonkey on the most expensive dresses ever created.

Throughout history, many brides-to-be have given the most attention to what they are going to wear on that eventful day. Some may have gone with a more traditional approach. Others dared to go beyond the conventions of fashion and culture, marching down the aisle in gowns that flaunt daring, brazen, and even outrageous designs. No matter how hard you try to deny their existence as an urban legend, it will not change the fact, that there are people who do not mind spending a few million dollars just to dress up. Let me give you some reasoning behind the astronomical prices of these beautiful dresses. Either these dresses have been formerly owned by celebrities, who are no longer with us or the dress has been adorned with precious gemstones and metals like, platinum and gold. Also, some famous names of the fashion world are behind the creation of such dresses. Moreover, you should know that dresses are not the only expensive clothing, just compare them with these 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits in the World, and see for yourself!

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