10 Islands to Visit Before You Die

If you were looking for an extra excuse to plan that coveted island getaway, 2015 delivers many motivations to fly off somewhere remote, exotic, and wondrous. Whether you want to be amongst the first to experience newly minted resorts, are in search of a good fun-in the-sun party, or are eager to grab the best vantage point for an upcoming solar eclipse, to help you, Insidermonkey is here with a list of ten islands to visit before you die.

Powder-soft white sands, diamond-clear waters, and swaying palm trees are all features of the perfect island getaway. But these islands recognized by experts of the Insidermonkey boast something more than just picture-postcard landscapes.

Pristine beaches, accessible tourist sites, predictable weather and comfortable accommodations are all considerable factors in the ranking of the best vacations. Based on that criteria, user votes and expert insight, Insidermonkey compiled this list to help you choose your next getaway. Moreover, if you are not an Island person but still looking for places to travel, feel free to check another article of Insidermonkey on the top 10 places to visit before you die, instead!

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