10 Cities with the Worst Drivers in the World

Taking a road trip can be one the best ways to explore a new place, but some cities are known for not only having horrible traffic congestion and road blocks but also terrifying local drivers. So, before going for a road trip, you should know what you have to avoid. And to help you with that, Insidermonkey is here with a list of cities with the worst drivers in the world!

Kinda like with traffic, people enjoy complaining about how bad the drivers in their city are. It's almost like a point of pride, a badge of honor to sit in traffic and suck at driving. But which cities really do have the crappiest drivers? Thankfully, the experts of Insidermonkey tracked that kind of data, and annually ranked cities with the worst drivers in the world.

Anyway, just because you'll undoubtedly want to tear your hair out while driving in these cities doesn't mean that you won't walk away from the journey to talk about it. In thinking about why these cities made the list, they cannot really be labeled the most dangerous places to drive according to the number of vehicle related fatalities per capita per year, but they do indeed have their fair share of unsafe driving habits. And moreover, instead of dividing them into cities, if you want country wise information, you should check this article on the 6 Countries with the Worst Drivers in the World instead!

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