The 6 Biggest Musician-Manager Feuds

Being in a band can be tough. When you’re writing songs, recording albums, touring the world and doing it all with the same exact people everyday, relationships can become a little stressed. And mostly, that's why feuds happen. Check out the detailed article of Insidermonkey on the biggest musician-manager feuds. You will understand it easily.

Artists are a tough bunch to manage, musicians perhaps the most demanding of all. Band mates love to feud and the press is quick to pick it up. John Lennon versus Paul McCartney. Mick Jagger versus Keith Richards. Paul Simon versus Art Garfunkel. The challenge only seems to grow when there are more than a few musicians to manage at once. Band manager Maxx Stofman knows this well. Stofman has been managing seven-piece funk rock group Ripe for about three years now, which is currently his primary artist and main endeavor. With so many heads involved and opinions circulating, keeping everyone on the same page can be a challenge.

Celebrity feuds are like car crashes, they're unfortunate and you hope that no one gets seriously hurt, but it's hard for you to turn away from the wreckage. However, a controlling authority can rub free-spirited musicians the wrong way, leading to feuds and heated arguments. So, lets just get it over with, and as a music fan check them 9 most famous drummers of all time.

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