The 10 Countries With the Least Gender Inequality

n most countries, the dice are still stacked against women. They find it harder than men to get decent jobs and educations. They receive less income for what they do. And they're not well represented politically or least not equally represented. But not all countries are like them. You will be surprised to see these countries with the least gender inequality. If you have any doubt or want more information, just click on the link to read the whole article on Insidermonkey.

While no country has succeeded yet in closing the gender gap completely, Nordic countries like Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, topped the index, bridging the gender gap in their respective countries by more than 80%. However, while Iceland has topped the list for the sixth consecutive year, it's important to note that amid many successes, disparities remain something to keep in mind for all of the countries. The index measures gaps in access to resources and opportunities, not actual levels of the available resources and opportunities in those countries. In fact, the WEF found that, at the current trajectory, it would take 81 years to completely close the gender gap.

Richer countries tend to be more equal for education and income, but not for political representation. For example, on the political spectrum, France and Australia have similar levels as Honduras and South Sudan, with three times as many male politicians as female ones. But then some poorer countries do have high rates on this measure. But still, money is clearly an important fact to be considered. Just check out the 10 countries with the worst income inequality. It will be easy for you to compare the rankings.

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