The 10 Countries with the Cheapest Gas Prices

While Americans and Europeans  bemoan the cost of gasoline at the pumps, people in some other parts of the world enjoy filling up their tanks without even giving though to it. In fact, in some countries gas is given away or downright cheap. So, what are the countries where you can find the cheapest gas at the pump? If you want to find out, check out this article of Insidermonkey on the ten countries with the cheapest gas prices.

There are some corners of the world where gas costs less than a dollar a gallon. But they all have in common is something the U.S. and Europe don't have: easy and abundant access to domestically or locally produced oil. On top of that, many of these governments provide large gas subsidies to keep prices down. Some of these gas cheapskates are OPEC members, but others are just close to the source. Many are now experiencing domestic instability that may be making these prices from November 2010 appear much lower than they are now. But easy access to the raw material and heavy government subsidies should keep costs low in these countries for some time.

Nowadays, everyone complains about the cost of gasoline, yet we all pay different prices. In the US the cost of gasoline is far lower than those in Europe, and in the Middle East the prices are lower still. To know about the suffering countries, check out these countries with the highest gas prices instead.

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