The 5 Best UFC Fighters of All Time

here are a lot of people out there with opinions on who the top MMA fighters of all time are. But that list makes you think UFC.  And when that happens, it becomes apparent that a top UFC fighters list would look substantially different than a top MMA fighters list, even if the UFC has been the top dog in MMA circles for a long time. If you are still wondering, just stop and visit the Insidermonkey to read the article on the best UFC fighters of all time.

We've now seen new school, old school and old, old school in the UFC's Octagon. Strikers to wrestlers to grapplers. Heavyweights to flyweights. The promotion has seen its share of incredible talent during the last 20 years, with no shortage of personality types to go with it. The following is Insidermonkey's list of the absolute best of the best. The trailblazers for sure, but also very simply the guys you wouldn't want to bet against the night of a fight. It takes a special kind of athlete with a special kind of mindset to thrive in the cold environment of a steel cage. Nobody did it better than these men.

However, consider them as weapon? Nah! Not even the best of these fighters could be considered one of the deadliest weapons in the world.

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