7 Movies That Will Make You Cry

Although we presumably go out of our way to avoid great sadness in our own lives, it's certainly odd that we specifically seek it out in the movies we watch. Some of our favorite films are the ones that make us cry the hardest, whether the film depicts a grand, sweeping social injustice or one individual's life cut short by a terminal illness. If you are fan of these kind of movies, check out the article of Insidermonkey on the seven movies that will make you cry.

Its not bad to watch a tear jerker film every now and then. In fact sometimes emotions need to get out and all you need is a loud cry that will make you feel better. To make you feel even more better you need a person who can listen to you. I know such person is hard to find and in that case all you need is a good sad story with which you can relate yours. Hollywood has a long list of movies that have sad or i should say saddest stories of all time. You might get sadder after watching such films but once you let the emotions out you will feel better. This is a proven method which may sound weird but will actually help you to feel better.

So which films are the most emotional of all time? Tough call, but these are the some seriously heart-wrenching movies for sure. Moreover, if you are a movie fanatic and mostly go for the top rated one, you might find this article on the 10 highest rated movies of 2014 more interesting instead.

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