7 Most Theatrical Bands of All Time

Some singers take the high drama theory to heart and inject their live performances with a visual component that matches the assured power and fury of the musical side their respective bands are bringing. These are vocalists who give up every ounce of themselves on stage, night after night, country after country. Insidermonkey is paying tribute to these showy singers with an article on the most theatrical bands of all time.

It would ultimately be difficult to deny the fact that since its early days ‘rock music’ as we understand it today is much more than the sound it makes or the words that it speaks.  It is very much about its ability to fill a space and to communicate sensuous information which is performed very much according to the complex interaction between the performers on stage and their audience.  Rock music is sensuous, but also sensual; it often has an erotic or even overtly sexual impact thanks to the way the musicians are able to use their bodies.  The term ‘rock and roll’ evokes in itself a set of spatial and bodily metaphors.  The immediate reaction to the term makes one think of its realization, something which has connected all of its performers and listeners since its early days: there has been a dynamism involved with the pulses present in its percussive rhythms in order to get the audience to come onto the floor and dance.

Moreover, some musicians maybe stand out for their musical talent but there are others and for their creativity. And some of them made remarkable influential songs. Just take a look at the 10 most influential songs of all time.

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