The 10 Best Ways to Stay Awake

With more and more of us getting less and less sleep, it’s tempting to reach for a Red Bull or an espresso when we feel sleepy at work. But consuming caffeine to combat sleepiness can lead to a vicious cycle. Caffeine can also reduce your sleep time, alter the normal stages of sleep, and decrease the quality of your sleep. So, how exactly can you stay awake naturally? To help you with that, I found this really helpful article on Insidermonkey. Try some of these best ways to stay awake, you wont be disappointed!

While there's an art to surviving the all-nighter, there's also an art to staying awake throughout the day when you are operating on little to no sleep. Here's a few general tips: Drinking a lot of water is a must. Doing jumping jacks every thirty minutes in the office hallway might make you look weird, but it will really keep you from falling asleep. And if you're going on a business lunch, skip the big plate of spaghetti in favor of a light salad. If you have already incorporated those tips before, try breathing techniques, sniffing on peppermint essential oil, or some basic acupressure to help clear the sleep fog in your brain. Anyway, in case you are tired and but don't have to stay awake anymore, try these 10 Best Ways to Fall Asleep instead.

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