7 Artists That Switched Musical Genres

Being a musician is a dream job for many, but it can get pretty frustrating and dissatisfying to keep releasing albums that all sound alike, which is why some artists choose to briefly venture into other genres occasionally. There is an article on Insidermonkey on  seven artists that switched musical genres during their careers, if you are interested in knowing about them.

Some musicians take comfort in doing what they do best and won’t change their formula much over the years. Others will take a more drastic approach and switch to an entirely new genre as their careers progress. So, experts of Insidermonkey decided to take a look at seven of the biggest and unexpected switches in the music industry. In this industry, lines get blurred, genres get blended, and often times artists get blamed for the not-so-seamless transitions the music undergoes at times. Just look at all the backlash Miley Cyrus has undergone for appearing on Snoop Lion‘s recent album, on a track that references getting high, something she’s taken heat for all year to this point. In our recent interview with T-Pain, he admitted to having work coming with Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan, and wanting to really delve into the country music realm. And, moreover, assuming you as a fan of music, I am going to share another article on the 14 best music mashups of 2014 as well.

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