50 Best Disney Movies Ever Made

Few movie studios command as much respect and enthusiasm as Disney, who built their name and legacy on some of the best animated movies ever made. With dozens of features since 1937, the company's library of animated films is unmatched and many of their movies have forever shaped the way we watch films and absorb popular culture. And that's why picking a top 50 is so insanely difficult. Yet experts of Insidermonkey gave a lot effort to their research and compiled a list of the best Disney movies ever made. If you are fan of Disney, you must check out this article and see in case you missed any of them.

hen we think of Disney, we think of a giant corporation that is slowly gobbling up all the meaningful intellectual properties in existence, steadily preparing the stage for total world domination. But we also think of wonderful motion pictures, all of them seemingly designed to inspire awe and “aw” in equal measure, stunning audiences with unique imagery and (mostly) wholesome tales of unassailable values. Many a family has bonded while watching the imagination of Walt Disney and the legions of animators and live-action filmmakers who now follow in his footsteps, and whatever their plans for the planet Earth when they are through with it, it’s good to take a moment now and then to appreciate all the good they have done so far.

So sit back, relax and join me as I count down every movie in the canon to those movies which hit all three targets: entertainment value, appeal over time, and quality of craft. Moreover, If you are interested in the female characters that haven’t gotten their place on the big screen yet, just check out our list on the 10 Marvel Women that Should Get a Movie Right Now.

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