The 8 Worst Band Breakups of All Time

A band can be a lot like a romantic relationship. People meet, sparks fly and, hopefully, magic is made. Some of these relationships end quickly, some last for decades, and some end in a flurry of lawsuits, flying fists and misguided solo projects. Yet, some bands went through particularly painful time. If you are a fan of bands, you should check out this article of Insidermonkey on worst band breakups of all time.

Sometimes band members tragically pass away before their time and the band cannot continue. This is also devastating, but understandable. There are plenty of still-living groups who go on before eventually kissing and making up, while others succumb to the temptation of massive paychecks to reunite for overblown reunion tours. Still, there a few beloved bands out there who’ve stayed true to their word and stayed apart. Sure, there might be the odd one-off mini set for a TV special or an awards show, but otherwise the music they created belongs strictly to the past. Absence makes the heart grow fonder -as the old saying goes- and the legend of these great groups continue to grow with each passing year that they don't regroup.

You know, artists either got dumped or left in a fury, leaving a trail of devastated fans behind them. Some band members split in order to pursue solo careers or form rival bands, while others drifted into oblivion and away from the music scene. And to know about them instead, you have to check another article of the 8 most promiscuous rock stars.

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