5 Most Expensive Cities to Live in New Jersey

Thinking of moving to New Jersey? If you have one million dollars or so to spend, here are some prime options for your consideration. Topping the list is Alpine with nearly a $2,000,000 median home value. A bit pricey? Well, there's more. And if you want to know about them all, just visit the Insidermonkey, and read about the five most expensive cities to live in New Jersey.

Since every state must have a most expensive area, the city in which price levels are highest is not necessarily especially expensive compared to the nation or areas in other states. Goods and services in the most expensive city in 30 states actually cost less than they do on average nationwide. These cities are usually in states that have low costs of living themselves.

For most of us, there’s no place like home. Then again, the market for homes is not what it used to be. Falling home prices, rising taxes and the financial pressures facing most towns have reshaped the nation’s real estate landscape. Of course, some towns are more susceptible than others to the latest shift. This list of New Jersey’s Top cities reflects that reality. What’s more, the top-ranked cities in the list are generally in northern part of the NJ, where much of the state’s wealth is concentrated. Conversely, the rural and southern counties, hard hit by job losses, and foreclosures, fare poorly. After all, in case you are not interested to live in New Jersey, feel free to check out another similar article on 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live in North America instead!

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