Top 10 Drinking Countries with the Highest Alcoholism Rates in the World

Alcoholism is getting more serious issue globally. But it is interesting to see the alcoholism trends and in which parts of the world it represents huge problem for example.

What is the cause of alcoholism? Well it is hard to answer to this question especially because the answer is complex because there are many factors contributing it. There is first tradition of some countries – is homemade alcohol a usual thing tracing centuries back for example. Then there is mental conditions connected to it, most common being stress and depression. Then there is alcohol price and availability in the race as well. And on the other hand there are religious reasons for not drinking alcohol. On the alcoholism rates in a specific country a lot of impact also have the laws of legal drinking age, alcohol availability and hours when it can and cannot be sold and to whom.
But then there are some interesting facts on which country drinks which alcohol the most. Take beer for example:

Let’s also see some interesting facts. You might have wondered which those countries that drink the most beer are. The Czech Republic and Germany must be somewhere at the top, since they are one of the most famous beer countries in the world, right? Yes, Czechs beat all others by beer consumption with around 142 liters per year per capita. But Germany (with 104.7 liters per capita) here stands only at the fourth place, having Seychelles and Austria ahead, with 114 and 104.8 liters per capita respectively.

So, if you’d like to find out more interesting facts about alcohol and drinking culture in different countries in general, we can recommend you to proceed to Insider Monkey’s article, the Top 10 Drinking Countries with the Highest Alcoholism Rates in the World.

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