11 Easiest and Cheapest Kit Cars to Build

There are many interesting things you can have as a hobby. But there are those eccentrics enthusiasts who literally dedicate whole the free time they have to it, and one of the most hard core among them are kit car hobbyists. And kit car building and collecting does actually require a lot of devotion but a lot of money as well.

It seems that kit car building is losing the popularity it once had. But there are still those keeping the thing alive, by purchasing and maintaining old-school kit cars, but also building and buying new ones. There are several companies nowadays producing and developing new (and replicas of old) kit car models, both as a finished car or a kit.

And there again are even those more hard core than it can get who are capable of building their own car. That means good knowing of mechanics, materials and other stuff. There are also some kit car building manuals as guidelines, but you will nevertheless have to possess a lot of knowledge even having the manual in order to build a functioning kit car. One of such manuals was the first of its kind, as a guideance how to build Locost:

…So, back in 1996, there was a manual published by Ron Champion named “Build your own sports car for as little as £250,” and that is how Locost kit car term was introduced. The manual was not precise as in following each step but giving a reader very good basis and accurate starting point on how to build your own kit car. The prototype for this manual was the famous Lotus 7 racing car of the sixties. The name Locost refers to the low cost of course as the first association, but to the Lotus as well.

So if you are a kit car enthusiast and need some ideas for your next project proceed to the  11 Easiest and Cheapest Kit Cars to Build.

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