16 Easiest Ways To Ignore Someone Who Is Ignoring You

How hurtful it is when someone is ignoring you? It can really affect one's confidence and if it is someone you care about, it's even worse. But these things happen and people ignore other people often for no specific reasons. It's just the way we are and we must learn to deal with it.
While many may not agree that this is the most positive approach, I believe that the best way to deal with someone who is ignoring you is to ignore them back. If it is not anyone too important to you as a family member, for example.
Why do I think this is the best approach? Because if someone is ignoring you, they are doing it on purpose even though they know this kind of behavior is hurtful. So you should do the same. But I don't mean this in a negative way. You should simply move on with your life as if you've never met these people and as if they weren't there. This will annoy them, definitely. 16 Easiest Ways To Ignore Someone Who Is Ignoring You just proves my point. In here, you will find lots of tips on how to behave when someone ignores you so check it out. 

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