16 Biggest Animals in the World Found Alive

Have you ever wondered which the biggest animals alive are? What is the biggest land animal, what is the biggest animal in the sea? These questions awake imagination, since we know many stories about horrors and unseen creatures dwelling in the deep deep ocean.

We all know Nessie, the Loch Ness monster, or the mighty Kraken, but are they real? Well, it seems they are not, but their origin might not be just a fairy-tale. Some of the biggest creatures living today might clear the origins of the Kraken for example. Yes, you have guessed, it is the Giant Squid. Scientists have recently caught on camera the largest specimen ever recorded, in the waters near Japan in 2006.

But how do we measure the biggest of the biggest? What is the criteria: length, mass, volume? How about all of that?

In case we focused on the length as the primary criterion, we would have gotten the bootlace worm (Lineus longissimus) ahead of everyone on the list of biggest animals in the world found alive. This animal is a part of a huge family of ribbon worms and lives in the waters of North Sea. It can reach up to 197 feet in length, but, as their name says, they are around an inch thick. It is surely not the largest sea animal but surely is the longest.

Well, this worm surely is long. But, if you want to find out which those biggest animals in the world are check out the Insider Monkey’s article 16 Biggest Animals in the World Found Alive. You will also get to see which is the biggest animal ever to live on the Earth, and you might be surprised that it is not a dinosaur, or megalodon, or any such creature, but our contemporary mammal.

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