15 Gayest Countries in the World Per Capita

Let’s see what is there to be said about being gay in 21st century. Since homosexuality is still not being accepted in many countries:

…  not everyone will admit they are gay. But that is the matter of social issues in particular countries and regions in the world. For example, research has shown that views on homosexuality depend on several factors. It seems that tolerance toward homosexuality is greatly influenced by religious impact in the country, the wealth of the country and freedom of speech. So, the most opened regions towards homosexuality and most gay-friendly countries are Europe and North America, while the least gay-friendly are the Middle East and African countries. In some of those, homosexuality is even punished by death.

That is why is getting out of closet still serious matter and problem for many gay people. While the gay population worldwide is 3-5% (and some researchers claim that the figure might be up to 10%), it should be expected that the figures are the same for each country in the world, since it is a universal thing. But that is obviously not the case, as you will see in the article on 15 Gayest Countries in the World Per Capita. As noted in this article, the data we have on the issue of being gay in different countries relies on some independent various surveys that were conducted throughout countries. SO, even though this data might not be a 100% reliable, that is the closet thing to real situation that we have. But if you are interested in this issue, you will read more about it on the article we mentioned above.

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