Top 10 Countries that Have the Most Blondes and Blue Eyes as a Percentage of Population

How do people inherit hair and eye color? How much is the percentage of blond and blue eyed people in the world? How, where and why did blue eyes and blonde hair appear? Why do lighter-skinned babies have blue eyes during the first several months of life?
This is an interesting topic, on which science has answers to. Since the majority of world’s population is dark- haired and eyed, where do the blue and blonde come from? According to the researches in the fields of genetics, in order to inherit blue eyes and blonde hair, a person must get the combination of both genes which are responsible for blue eyes and blond hair, which are known in science as recessive genes. Long story short, only if two recessive genes combine you can get a blonde blue eyed person, since combination of recessive and dominant genes always brings darker colors (hence the majority of the world’s population is dark haired and eyed).
… it is not a surprise that percentage of blue eyes worldwide is just around 8%, and, for example, in the US, only 1 in 6 people have light eye color. As we have noted, blonde hair and light eyes depend on the amount of melanin extracted. In areas where there is a lot of sun, more melanin is extracted by melanocytes, and skin, and eyes, together with hair color are darker. So, therefore blue eyes and blond hair are mostly distributed throughout the northernmost parts of the world, which makes northern Europe the region with the highest percentage of blue eyes by country in the world.

Further explanations and other fun facts about blue eyes and blond hair can be found on Insider Monkey’s article where this quote came from, the Top 10 Countries that Have the Most Blondes and Blue Eyes as a Percentage of Population. Give it a look and see if your country is among the most blonde ones.

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