15 Best States For Petroleum Engineers

You work for as petroleum engineer and you are thinking of what are the best states for you? Perhaps you would like to find your new home to settle down and make quite a considerable amount of earnings? Or you just plan to change carrier and you want to know if it pays off to be a petroleum engineer. Now Insider Monkey has investigated you the best states. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, in 2016 the average annual median wage was $128,230 in the United States, which means $61.65 per hour. The highest paid 10% got more than $208,000 while the lowest 10% got less than $73,000. Here is the list by Insidermonkey experts of best states for petroleum engineers.

There were 35,100 petroleum engineers employed in the US in 2014, but their number is expected to increase by 10% until 2024, and they will work in oil and gas extraction industry. It is because there is high demand in oil and gas consumption, and if the price of oil and gas rise. In order to get the right answer, expert has consulted sites like Bureau of Labor Statistics and Missouri Economy. The states were ranked by IM scores, job growths, annual median wage, and cost of living index. If you want to know more about job prospects for mechanical engineers, check out our list of 25 Best States for Mechanical Engineers.

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